I started Revolutionary Artists in 2018. What started as a fun passion project to do art with kids and talk about social issues planted its' roots deep within me and opened my eyes to something much more meaningful. I learned a few things from our first year. First, you can learn something from anyone, regardless of age or background. Second, art has incredibly powerful healing properties. And finally, healing is a universal demand that does not miss anyone. Not even me. Having learned these lessons from our kids made me dive deep into an exploration of what healing looks like to me. Revolutionary Artists has taught me the importance of remaining a lifelong student, staying curious and open in order to remain in constant growth. It's also taught me to value creativity as a means of expression and healing. Yes, we still do art and talk about social issues with youth (and now adults too), but we've grown to acknowledge and honor the importance of community healing and put an end to passing generational trauma. We're here to plant seeds for healing in underserved communities in hopes that those roots never stop growing. 

Victoria Mendoza,

Revolutionary Artists Founder




Ta is the Jane of all trades! She's our main event coordinator and the life of the party at our youth program. Ta is also a behavior support specialist and offers a variety of educational emotional healing services. 



Brittany (aka IAMTHEVIBE) is the guru of all things healing and wellness. A multitalented artist herself, she helps us incorporate mindfulness into our projects and workshops as one of our main youth educators..



Shawn, (aka Shawn Crysis) is a talented writer, poet, rapper, and overall community leader. We've been lucky to have him be one of our main youth educators exploring creative writing and introspection since 2018.



Khali (aka Savage Writer) is a published author, rapper, and spoken word artist. He not only works with us a youth mentor but he's also the mastermind and incredible author behind our Revolutionary newsletters. 



Mel is a dope abstract artist who really embodies true creativity and healing in her work and lifestyle. She works with us as a youth mentor and as our social media lead to curate the intentional content you love. 



Vic is the visionary. She founded Revolutionary Artists after discovering a passion for youth development and healing. Since then, she's learned to wear many hats in order to make RevArt what it is today.

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